Foldtani geological and environmental services

Foldtani Srl

Geology, Water and Remediation, Environment

Foldtani Sri is an Italian company working in, geology, hydrogeology, geophysics, geotechnics, quarries controls, waste management.

Foldtani has a long history. it started in 2000 as Studio Geologico Nicolodi and became Limited (“srl”) in 2009 with the change in Foldtani Srl !

Our Team: Geologists, Agronomists, Environmental Engineers.

Our Mission is help to preserve Nature, the World and the Human Heritage.

Our office is in Desio, very close to Milano, in Northern Italy.

We work in Italy, but we are able to move everywhere.

Foldtani Sri, Via Rossini 102, 20832 Desio (MB),ITALY Phone-Office +39 0362/1908081, fax +39 0362/1908082,



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